Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ready to plant

Had a Kinnow (#7 on the list), my first ever! Only two fruit this year but really really good and juicy and not seedy.

Tried the Moro blood orange (#3 on the list). Very red inside. The tree only produced one fruit this year but the tree looks healthy. A few months ago it fell partly over in high winds and we staked it.

We continue to have tons of Meyer lemons, exceptionally large and juicy this year. The thorns are especially vicious this year too! I gave some to a neighbor who sent it back in the form of yummy lemon curd.

Finally, last weekend we worked on the raised beds, lifting the in-line drip irrigation and adding store-bought potting soil - bags and bags of it. They are ready for planting and I have some six packs of veggies and flowers to set out. I even bought some tomatoes but it is really too early to set them out, it still might freeze. The last freeze date is typically near the end of February.

It's hard to believe it's January, we're having exceptionally warm, balmy weather. Of course it is pleasant but I'd prefer crisp days right now.


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