Wednesday, January 07, 2009

More Taste Testing

Tried my first dwarf Honey (Murcott) Tangor - planted 2006. Only a few fruit. Very bumpy skin. Peels like a tangerine - milder flavor, sweet, very good. Very few seeds.

The Fairchild tangerine is half dead. The other half has lots of fruit. This is the best tasting year so far for this tree. Also I waited until the fruits had time to fully ripen. However, I'm tempted to remove this tree now that it is half dead!

Went to Baker Nursery today and ordered 24 bags of potting soil (48 cu ft!), a tree rose (Double Delight), an Arabian Jasmine and assorted veggies in 6-packs. They have already delivered it all. The potting soil is for my pots of course but mainly for the raised planters which have sunk quite a bit over the past year.

My hand is healing well, stitches removed last Friday. I'm actually developing the habit of wearing gloves to do the dishes and yardwork and I think I'll maintain it. It's a bit of a pain but my hands are not cracked an bleeding which is a big plus.

Baker's has the fruit tree order in but not yet available for sale. I'm looking at the list on their website and plotting what to buy. A pomegranite, an apple and maybe another fig. My fig tree is not doing well.

Meanwhile, I did finally clear out the planters and the melon vines to be ready for planting. Some of the deciduous fruit trees have lost their leaves but not all. We have visible frost on top of the soil in the raised planters.

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