Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cold, rainy and birds are eating all my tomatoes

When I got out of work today, my car thermometer said 66 degrees. And it is now raining. That's good because I need to fertilize the citrus and probably add fish emulsion to the raised beds. But what a change from 109 a few days ago. I'll have to adjust the irrigation tomorrow to compensate.

Meanwhile the birds are eating all my tomatoes. They started on the red ones, then ate the reddish ones and are now eating purely green ones. So far the cherry tomatoes are surviving. We're off to Baker's Nursery tomorrow for advice and probably netting. We'll need it for the figs too. By the way, the few tomatoes that I have managed to get when ripe but before birds were very good.

Actually I don't know for sure that it is birds. There are probably roof rats around. I only blame the birds because we see so many of them here. Roof rats are sort of invisible. Supposedly they eat citrus but our citrus has been fine. Citrus is so easy, I'm spoiled.

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