Saturday, March 22, 2008

Orange Blossoms

Finally, the scent of orange blossoms floating thru the air. Wonderful. All the windows open. Lots and lots of birds singing (singing? squwaking?) in the mornings. I bought bunches of daffodils for $1.29 at Trader Joe's yesterday - it must be really spring.

I am appending a list of all the trees in our yard. So many - it's very exciting and they all look happy. All but the almond anyway which is the only one which hasn't broken dormancy - of course it may be dead but I don't think so. I have a diagram in Powerpoint but don't know how to post it here. I wish I could take pictures but I haven't got a camera except the one in my phone which is terrible.

We are almost at the end of our citrus harvest. First we had Fairchild tangerines, then Meyer lemons, pink grapefruit, Arizona sweet oranges and lastly the Sanguinelli blood oranges. No limes at all this year because of last year's frost. The citrus trees are heavy with blooms, especially the Meyer lemons.

I planted a big pot of pansies a month ago and they are gorgeous. They won't last much longer as it gets hotter, but they are a good show for now.

The landscape contractor who re-did the irrigation and added the big raised beds has been here multiple times and finally we think the problem with the irrigation is fixed. Only one of the tomatoes that I planted last month is doing well.

I bought lots more plants yesterday, I think I'll devote one bed to flowers this year at least. Nasturtiums and such.

There are problems with the soil as well but I think I can deal with it and it will get better - too much not fully digested compost is taking all the nitrogen is my guess, confirmed by the landscaper. He's the one who chose the plantering 'soil' so I'm a bit annoyed. I'm adding fish emulsion and it seems to help. The fig is happy too. The big elm tree is all leafed out and the Chitalpas in front have light green leaves popping out.

Spring is so amazing - it all happens so fast. The land banks rose is covered with white fragrant blooms.

Trees as of 3/2008, showing variety and when planted

Citrus - Left to Right
1.Lime – Std Thornless Mexican 2000
2.Blood Orange – Dwarf Sanguinelli 2000
3.Blood Orange – Std Moro 2006
4.Grapefruit – Std Ruby 2000
5.Orange – Std Arizona Sweet 2000
6.Tangerine - Dwarf Dancy 2006
7.Tangerine - Std Kinnow 2006
8.Tangor – Dwarf Honey (Murcott) 2006
9.Lemon - Dwarf Meyer fall 2002
10.Tangerine – Std Clementine
11.Orange – Std Trovita (after the Minneola Tangelo died in the frost) 2007
12.Tangerine – Std Fairchild 2000
13.Tangor – Dwarf Temple 2006
14.Lemon – Dwarf Meyer fall 2002
Deciduous Trees – Left to Right
1.Nectarine Desert Dawn on Nemaguard VERY EARLY 03/2008
2.Nectarine Desert Delight on Nemaguard EARLY 03/08
3.Garden Prince Dwarf Almond LATE 03/08
4.Peaches – 4 trees planted 18” apart all on Nemaguard 03/08
•FloridaPrince VERY EARLY – EARLY (back left) 03/08
•Eva’s Pride EARLY-MID (front left) 03/08
•Mid-Pride EARLY MID MID (front right) 03/08
•August-Pride Peach MID (back right) 03/08
5.Burgundy Plum on Namaguard peach rootstock – MID-LATE 03/08
6.Flavor Delight Aprium on citation hybrid rootstock – EARLY 03/08
7.Chinese Elm
8.Fig - Mission fall 2006
9.Two Chitalpa Trees in front yard, not shown, pink flowering cross between Catalpa and Dessert Willow - 2000

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